Cabin Amenities

Dish T.V.

Washer/ Dryer

Full kitchen

Outdoor Hot Tub

Outdoor Grill

Hot Tub Rules

Use at your own risk.  We regularly maintain the hot tub and check chemical levels for your safety.  However, if something seems off do not use it.  Please call us. 208-317-3066.

PLEASE rinse off before use.  This is basic hot tub etiquette. Lotions, oils, hair products, soaps and laundry softeners can change chemical balances in hot tub.  They also cause water to foam. 

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

PLEASE use the bathroom before entering the hot tub……enough said.

PLEASE do not sit or lie down on the hot tub cover.

PLEASE leave hot tub cover on and securely latched when not in use.

Glass. Don’t do it, ever. Trust us.

Please limit number of people in the hot tub to 4 or less.

The Manufacturer recommends limiting time in hot tub to under 20 minutes.

Pregnant women, elderly persons and those with diabetes, high or low blood pressure and other illnesses should consult with a doctor before using hot tub.  Medications that cause drowsiness can cause complications with hot tub use.

No infants or toddlers in the spa.

No electrical appliances near the hot tub.

Stay out of the hot tub during rainstorms and lightening because of the chance of electrocution.

Cloudy Water = Do Not Enter. This type of water can cause skin infections. Call us if the water is cloudy.

Hooks are mounted above the shower for you to hang wet suits and towels.

Thank you!  Be safe!  Enjoy!