Winter Fun

Island Park is a winter wonderland.  Snowmobilers come from far and wide to ride the back country and test their skills at climbing in deep snow.  Fremont County boasts a trail system of over 500 miles.  It is accessible right across the highway from the cabin.  You got to come see it to believe it!


winter fun




Whether you have your own machines or you rent from one of several businesses in Island Park or West Yellowstone, snowmobiling is the thing to do.  Trail riding? Yes.  Deep powder back country? Yes.  Steep and deep?  Yes!  Always prepare yourself and keep informed on the avalanche danger.  To ride into Yellowstone Park you will need to rent a machine and a guide from one of the shops in West Yellowstone.  The park is highly restricted, but yes, it is accessible in the winter!  Snow coaches also serve the park out of West Yellowstone in the winter.


Island Park Adventures


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High Mountain Adventures


Ice Fishing

Depending on what time of the winter season you stay with us, ice fishing in Island Park has been a highlight for many a traveler. The picture to the right is of our nephew Zeb on Henry's Lake.  The season for fishing in Island Park is year round on many rivers and lakes. However, Henry's lake closes the end of December and opens again on Memorial Day. An Idaho license is required, so come prepared!

Henry lake fishing
winter fun


Lots of people get a kick out of sledding and tubing. You can either go down hill sledding or pull each other behind a snowmobile. If you stay with us at Two Top Trading Do. we have the perfect sledding hill right next to the cabins. The picture to your left is of some fun on that very hill.

Snow shoes/ Cross country Skiing

Whether you want to snow shoe or cross country ski there are beautiful places for you to explore. You can either break trail or drive a little to the groomed trails at Harriman State Park.  Behind the cabin you can snow shoe or ski to the top of the mountain and make your own trail!  Enjoy!